Hike Adelaide's southern beaches and hills: discover the Willunga Basin Trail

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Walk the Trail

The Willunga Basin Trail has been designed to cater for serious bushwalkers who want to walk the complete trail, and day walkers who want to do short walks.

It can be walked over 5/6 days or in 11 half-day walks. There are 11 sections, the shortest being 8.4 km and the longest 16.2 km. The sections are numbered and described as a linear path, travelling clockwise around the Basin, but can be accessed in any order and from either direction. 

The Willunga Basin Trail conforms with Australian Standard AS2156, Class 3 and Class 4

Class 3 – tracks allow moderate hikes where there is a defined track on natural substrate of between 300 mm and 450 mm width 

Class 4 – tracks allow hard hiking and the walking surface may be rough and steep but stable to walk on.

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Walkers Safety

The Willunga Basin Trail is open to the public so please enjoy but be prepared:

  • navigate the route online or from a printed map and follow the signs
  • come equipped with water, personal medical supplies, good footwear and protection against sun, rain and cold
  • when walking on farmland please keep your distance from animals and operating machinery
  • use stiles over fences, leave gates as you find them
  • there are some areas in which you may not have mobile phone coverage.

When to walk

The area enjoys a Mediterranean climate with mild winters, balmy springs and autumns, but sometimes rather hot summers.  

The Trail is open all year with the following proviso – during the Fire Ban Season (usually November to April), the Trail is closed on Total Fire Ban days, ie days with a Fire Danger rating of Extreme or Catastrophic.  

Fire Danger ratings, indicate how dangerous a bushfire could be. They are shown daily on the websites of both the Country Fire Service and the Bureau of Meteorology.

The Fire Danger ratings are given for different Fire Ban Districts. The Trail lies mostly within the Mount Lofty Ranges Fire Ban District 2. 

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Beach walking and tides

The Trail is on the beach in the following areas and walkers. are reminded to check tides when planning to walk on the beach:

SECTION 3 Sellicks Beach from wooden steps adjacent to Seascape View for 1.5km north to access path adjacent to Warramunga Rd

SECTION 4 Maslin Beach from concrete stairway below the unclad beach carpark at Tuit Rd for 1km north to the Maslin Creek estuary at Gulf Parade

SECTION 5 Maslin Beach from Frank Hilton Reserve north for 3.6km to the Pedler Creek estuary at Moana Beach

Walking with dogs

SECTION 1 no restrictions


  • no dogs between Mt Terrible Rd and Culley Rd (Private property)
  • no dogs on Plains URR between Plains Rd and Main South Rd


  • beach 1.5km, dog on lead area. See Council Beach Regulations below
  • no dogs in Aldinga Conservation Park
  • no dogs in Hart Rd Wetlands
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  • beach 1km, dog on lead area. See Council Beach Regulations below


  • beach 2.7 km between Ochre Point and Moana, dog on lead area. See Council Beach Regulations below
  • dogs on leads on Coast to Vines shared use trail

Council Beach Regulations: dog on lead areas – on leads 10am – 8pm during daylight savings.

Hooded Plover protection: Dogs on lead within 100m of a Hooded Plover sign and no dogs within 100m of a fenced/bunted Hooded Plover nest 


  • no dogs in Onkaparinga River National Park


  • no dogs in Onkaparinga River National Park
  • no dogs between Onkaparinga River National Park and Brooks Rd, Kangarilla  


  • dogs on leads between Old Coach Rd, Kangarilla and Forestry SA land (stock) 
  • dogs on leads through native forest areas in Forestry SA land 


  • no dogs from Thomas Hill Rd to Edwards URR


  • no dogs from Pennys Hill Rd to Rifle Range Rd 
  • dogs on leads for 400m between Brightview Brae and Section post 9/10/11
  • dogs on leads from Rifle Range Rd to Jackson Hill Rd


  • no dogs in Onkaparinga River National Park including Hardy’s Scrub
  • no dogs in Manning Flora and Fauna Reserve. Spur loop
  • no dogs in Gemtree Wetlands and Eco Trail
  • no dogs on Sandalwood Lookout, a spur track on private property.
  • dogs on leads on Cooper Lane
  • dogs on leads for 400m between Brightview Brae and Section post 9/10/11 (stock) 

The essential companion when reviewing or walking the Willunga Basin Trail

Good for route guidance, or a reminiscence later. 

Pocket-sized, with maps and written description for each section.

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Willunga Basin Trail Essential Companion
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Trail Sections

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Willunga to Louds Hill Rd

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Louds Hill Rd to Sellicks Esplanade


Sellicks Esplanade to Hart Rd Wetlands


Hart Rd Wetlands to Gulf Pde, Maslin Beach


Gulf Pde, Maslin Beach to McLaren Vale Visitor Centre


McLaren Vale Visitor Centre to Gate 20 Onkaparinga River National Park


Gate 20 Onkaparinga River National Park to Kangarilla


Kangarilla to Wickham Hill & Toops Hill Roads

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Wickham Hill & Toops Hill Roads to Edwards & Hamilton URRs

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Edwards & Hamilton URRs to Willunga

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Gate 20 Onkaparinga River National Park to Edwards & Hamilton URRs


Sellicks Esplanade to Hart Rd Wetlands

Willunga Basin Trail map

Useful Resources

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Local Weather

When planning a walk please check local weather conditions to ensure a safe and comfortable experience

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Fire Danger Ratings

The Trail is closed when the Fire Danger rating is Extreme or Catastrophic. These are Total Fire Ban Days; most likely to occur between the first of November and April. The Trail is in District 2 Mt. Lofty Ranges

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Tides Information

When planning to walk along the beach (Section, 3,4 & 5) it is important to check predicted height and timing of the local tides to ensure access to the beach

Become A Volunteer

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Volunteers have built the Trail by participating in regular work sessions to clear vegetation, plant trees, install signs, benching the track surface. Find out more about the building and the history of the trail

If the idea of getting out on the trail, with a lively bunch of friends to maintain the Trail and develop new loops and connections, appeals to you, then join WBT Inc

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Plan a Visit in Willunga Basin

The Willunga Basin is an easy 40-minute drive from Adelaide along the Southern Expressway. Hire cars are available in locations throughout Adelaide, including the Adelaide Airport (International, Domestic & Regional)Adelaide Airport.

Regular rail services from Adelaide to Seaford Railway station and the Trail is just 2.1 km  away in SECTION 5. Regular bus services between the southern Adelaide metropolitan area (Noarlunga and Seaford) and the local towns, or from Seaford Railway station Adelaide Metro.

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