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Important Information: Trail Status Updates

Section 7: there is no water in Peters Creek where the trail crosses. A good time to do this walk is during April and May depending on the season break.

SECTION 7: Onkaparinga River National Park to Kangarilla

16.2 km Hard Hike, Grade 4

FROM: Gate 20 Onkaparinga River National Park, the junction Chapel Hill Rd & Wine Dam Track, Blewitt Springs, SA 5171

TO: the junction Sand Rd and McLaren Flat Rd, Kangarilla, SA 5157

From Gate 20 follow the Sundews Track north, down towards the river, but before the final descent, turn right onto the Bronzewing Track. Follow this track, which is very steep in places, for 1.2 km around the boundary of the park.

Upon reaching an intersection with a track down to the river, turn right following the fence for 100m and turn left at the next signpost onto a bush path. This descends through vegetation with two switchbacks for 300m to reach a confluence of two creeks. Cross the first by a green bridge and the second by stepping stones.   Follow the path up from the creek and through thick vegetation to descend again to a corner of the park where the path passes through Acacia Paradoxa. You climb up a steep gully before swinging left and climbing more to cross a rocky area.

walking trails in adelaide
walking trails in adelaide

Follow the path which has several bends as it makes its way with a gentle gradient down to meet the River Hike. The WBT turns right following  the River Hike for 1 km as it climbs up away from the river with views across to the abseiling area. Turn left at the top onto the well-signed track leading you via a gate and road crossing (Pink Gum campground is nearby to the right, with toilet facilities) to the car park at Gate 15. 

Follow signs across the carpark to join Bakers Gully track, an old track which winds to reach the park’s eastern boundary after 1.4 km. Turn right to walk along the edge of the park up to two stiles within a short distance. These take you out of the park and onto a road reserve which is partially fenced. Follow this to Chapel Hill Rd, veer left and keep away from the road as you walk about 80m to the next stile crossing into Angel Gully unmade road reserve. 

After 400m you reach Peters Creek which can be crossed when it is dry or at times of low or no flow. Water may be in the creek between May and April for up to 11 months depending on weather. The depth measurements will be updated regularily on this website under Trail Status but can change quickly. There are depth markers installed and a chain to mark the edge of the path on the creekbed. If you decide to wade across, be aware of what the depth measurement means for your body, come prepared with appropriate clothes, shoes, towel, and remember cattle use this creek nearby and so it is not suitable for swimming. If you cannot cross or do not wish to, see Notes below.

Once across, you cross a stile out of the fenced area near the creek, and the route winds up through trees to the next stile and then follows the fenced road reserve across a dip next to an oak grove to another stile and past a log seat to join Brooks Rd. Turn right and follow this road along with great views on either side. Don’t miss the signs indicating places where the path leaves the road to weave along the verge through vegetation and nearer the fence.

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hikes near me adelaide hills

On reaching Bakers Gully Rd, please use the roadside path first on the right and then on the left side of the road. This will keep you away from traffic on this busy road and makes for much more pleasant walking.

Turn left onto Jackson Rd where there is another roadside path on the left as far as the brow of the hill. Walk straight down along the rest of the road turning left at the bottom and then immediately left into Piebald Gully Rd. First a track, then a road, Piebald Gully Rd crosses Douglas Gully Rd and becomes a road reserve before intersecting with Sand Rd.

Turn right to follow the wide verge and turn into a small plantation linking here with the Tom Roberts Horse Trail. Once again on Sand Rd, follow it for 750m to the intersection with McLaren Flat Rd. The section end is here on the western edge of Kangarilla next to the path which leads into the village. The Kangarilla Uniting Church is at this corner.


Sections 6 and 11 link at Gate 20.

To avoid crossing Peters Creek this section may be broken into 2 walks:

  1. Gate 20 ORNP to Chapel Hill Rd intersection with Angel Gully URR: 7.4 km (optional 400m spur to the creek) There is only parking for 2 cars at this sharp bend on Chapel Hill Rd.
  2. Brooks Rd western end to Mclaren Flat Rd, Kangarilla: 7.5 km (optional 823m spur from Brooks Rd to the creek)
Car Parking
  • small car parking area opposite Gate 20 Onkaparinga River National Park
  • car parking in Kangarilla at Section end on Mclaren Flat Rd at the intersection with Sand Rd (please note there is no parking on Old Coach Rd, Kangarilla
  • dogs are not permitted in Onkaparinga River National Park
  • dogs are not permitted from the Onkaparinga Park to Brooks Rd, Clarendon

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Local Weather

When planning a walk please check local weather conditions to ensure a safe and comfortable experience

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Fire Danger Ratings

The Trail is closed when the Fire Danger rating is Extreme or Catastrophic. These are Total Fire Ban Days; most likely to occur between the first of November and April. The Trail is in District 2 Mt. Lofty Ranges

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Tides Information

When planning to walk along the beach (Section, 3,4 & 5) it is important to check predicted height and timing of the local tides to ensure access to the beach

Trail Sections

hiking adelaide


Willunga to Louds Hill Rd

willunga basin trail hiking adelaide


Louds Hill Rd to Sellicks Esplanade


Sellicks Esplanade to Hart Rd Wetlands


Hart Rd Wetlands to Gulf Pde, Maslin Beach


Gulf Pde, Maslin Beach to McLaren Vale Visitor Centre


McLaren Vale Visitor Centre to Gate 20 Onkaparinga River National Park


Gate 20 Onkaparinga River National Park to Kangarilla


Kangarilla to Wickham Hill & Toops Hill Roads

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Wickham Hill & Toops Hill Roads to Edwards & Hamilton URRs

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Edwards & Hamilton URRs to Willunga

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Gate 20 Onkaparinga River National Park to Edwards & Hamilton URRs


Sellicks Esplanade to Hart Rd Wetlands

Willunga Basin Trail map

Become A Volunteer

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Volunteers have built the Trail by participating in regular work sessions to clear vegetation, plant trees, install signs, benching the track surface. Find out more about the building and the history of the trail

If the idea of getting out on the trail, with a lively bunch of friends to maintain the Trail and develop new loops and connections, appeals to you, then join WBT Inc

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Plan a Visit in Willunga Basin

The Willunga Basin is an easy 40-minute drive from Adelaide along the Southern Expressway. Hire cars are available in locations throughout Adelaide, including the Adelaide Airport (International, Domestic & Regional)Adelaide Airport.

Regular rail services from Adelaide to Seaford Railway station and the Trail is just 2.1 km  away in SECTION 5. Regular bus services between the southern Adelaide metropolitan area (Noarlunga and Seaford) and the local towns, or from Seaford Railway station Adelaide Metro.

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