Important Information: Trail Status Updates

Section 5: there are no or few signs at present between the northern end of Maslin Beach and the southern end of Moana Beach. Please follow path at the edge of the beach, the rocks near the edge and the beach over this 1.2 km stretch which can be quite challenging. Do not go up onto the cliff which is a conservation area and culturally sensitive. Look out for the marked hooded plover sites. Please refer to Section 5 description. The total distance between Maslins Beach (Frank Hilton Reserve) and Moana at Pedlers Creek estuary is 3.6km.

– the Coast to Vines Rail Trail is closed for works at the Main South Road underpass between 2/4/24 and 17/4 24 day and night. Walkers will have to detour via the Coast to Vines rail trail, Griffiths Dr, Main South Rd and Pedler Rd when walking eastwards and those trails and roads in reverse order when walking westwards.

Section 7: there is no water in Peters Creek where the trail crosses. A good time to do this walk is during April and May depending on the season break.

Section 8: A detour is in place between the start of the section in Kangarilla and part way through the forest. The detour route follows Glory Rd, Peters Creek Rd and enters the forest off Peters Creek Rd. It then crosses the forest to join Willunga Basin Trail on the northern edge of the forest. This is to avoid Bone Gully Forest where Forestry operations are due to start on April 11th.

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